While on Internship with Tecnologίas MARTE, Tania had the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life situation. That experience has strengthened the resolve to pursue a career in Chemical and Materials Engineering. There are endless areas of application of knowledge from Chemical and Materials Engineering in the real world.

As a second year Chemical and Materials Engineering student, I was in the midst of applying for any
internships I could find. In doing so, I discovered an email from the University about The Intern Group, a
company who connects you to an international internship experience. I saw this as an opportunity to
combine my engineering knowledge with my passion for travel. After applying and interviewing, I was
selected for an internship in Medellίn, Colombia, where I found Tecnologίas MARTE. Founded in 2009,
the start-up focuses on a socially driven mission, utilizing innovative technologies to achieve their aim of
“preventing destruction of infrastructure, as well as the cause of injuries and loss of lives of civilian
During my time, I worked on enhancing and quantifying the properties of Thermite, a chemical consisting
of Aluminium and Iron oxide. My primary task revolved around understanding the thermite reaction and
its application in landmine deactivation, which required me to blend my theoretical knowledge with
practical application. I was tasked to create a Safety Data Sheet for MARTE Thermite 500G product, and
Standard Operating Procedures. This was followed by more experimental tasks revolving around
quantifying the heat produced by gram of thermite, calculate the maximum temperature and other
defining chemical properties such as enthalpy. This was completed through a combination of
experimental and theoretical methods.
My internship in Colombia extended far beyond the workplace, offering insights into cultural adaptability
and global working dynamics. Embracing diverse perspectives and working habits in a new environment
enriched my understanding of people and reinforced my passion for engineering. This experience
instilled a sense of purpose, driving me to make a meaningful difference. I found great fulfilment in the
humanitarian approach of my internship, knowing that my work positively impacted those around me.
Experiencing the work environment in Colombia provided valuable insights, characterized by a laid-back
yet efficient vibe.
This mindset went beyond the workplace and was one I was lucky to experience through my travels
around the country. Colombia proves to be one of the most diverse, joyful and astounding countries I
have seen, and is one I would recommend all to travel to. I am filled with gratitude for the opportunities,
challenges and growth this experience offered me, and will always remember it.

Tania Simpson

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