Tarek Kollmetz – awarded a place on the Dean’s List

Tarek’s name has been placed on the Dean of Graduate Studies List (Dean’s List), in recognition of excellence achieved with his PhD thesis. This award is made to only a few recipients each year from the large number of doctoral students completing their theses. Since this is a premier research degree, the University sets high standards for doctoral examinations and Tarek’s examiners were international authorities in his field of expertise. They were all especially complimentary regarding the high quality of the content and presentation of his thesis. His achievement will also be noted on his academic transcript. Congratulations Tarek, on the award of PhD degree, and for achieving the award of a place on the Dean’s List.

Tarek’s project:

Together with Jenny, Bela and Matt, I’ve been working on the development of a system aiming to understand cellular processes. My part of the project is titled “Polymer-Protein Hybrid Thin Films through Co-Assembly: Optimisation, Characterisation, Functionalisation” and focussed on assembling proteins in very thin polymer films. In more detail, I’ve worked on the reliable fabrication of these films, the characterisation of protein release from these films, and the surface functionalisation for future work on this system. 

As in most PhD projects, most things didn’t go as planned over the course of 4+ years. However, particularly working on a really interdisciplinary project in a great research group with amazing supervisors made the whole time really enjoyable! Also, I’d like to thank the CHEMMAT staff who have been super helpful from start to finish of my PhD! 


Noor Alsaud

We would like to congratulation CHEMMAT PhD candidate Noor Alsaud for passing her recent Oral exam. There were lots of positive comments from the examiners, saying that she did really well.


Writing for Publication Bootcamp

CHEMMAT’s Department Research Committee organised a Writing Bootcamp for our postgraduate students on July 13 and 14.

32 students attended, and the Bootcamp received a lot of positive feedback and provided a great experience for the students.

We would like to thank Emeritus Professor John Chen for giving his fascinating seminar on “Publishing Wisely.”

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