CHEMMAT’s Professor Brent Young, guest lecturer Michael Taube, and alumnus Dr Isuru Udugama have recently had a text book published by Wiley entitled “A Real-time Approach to Distillation Control”.   

Written substantially over lock down, “A Real-Time Approach to Distillation Process Control” is a practical and hands-on discussion of modern distillation control.

In the book, the team delivers a practical text combining hands-on and active learning using process simulation with discussions of the fundamental knowledge and tools required to apply modern distillation control principles. The book offers a balanced, real-time approach integrated with practical insights. It includes many exercises designed to be simulator agnostic that can be performed on the process simulator locally available to the reader.  Do all rush out and buy one, and one for a friend! 🙂

BTW More info on the book can found at A Real-time Approach to Distillation Process Control | Wiley

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