On 10 May 2021, CHEMMAT 758 (Waste Reduction and Recycling) class visited Fuji Film Innovation Centre. This site visit was organised as part of our new partnership with Fuji Film on our new Master of Engineering Studies – Sustainable Resource Recovery.

The visit helped the students develop their understanding of how theoretical practice is applied in a working environment while also further strengthening Fuji Film NZ and the University’s relationship.

The students were on site for most of the day and took a great interest in the work Fuji Film is undertaking on printer recycling. The Fuji Film team explained the issues relating to sustainability, product stewardship, resource recovery and recycling. The students participated in a hands-on activity and cannibalised and manually dismantled printers to recover reusable parts.

Everyone was very enthusiastic and keen to learn, and this visit helped them further their understanding and appreciation of what it’s like to implement a recycling technology and the benefits the industry has experienced.

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