Photo: CHEMMAT’s Dr Sinemobong Essien


We are excited to announce our newest Master of Engineering Studies, Sustainable Resource Recovery has officially started.

Resource limitation is a global problem and Sustainable Resource Recovery addresses this problem. This is the first programme of its kind in New Zealand and Asia-Pacific that focuses on the development of innovative waste minimisation and recycling technologies, and resource recovery processes that are beneficial to our environment and economy.

Our Master of Engineering Studies in Sustainable Resource Recovery aims at educating a new range of professionals with a holistic overview on waste minimisation and up-to-date resource recovery technologies who are familiar with sustainability concepts and can bring novel mindsets to industry. This programme will provide an essential framework for graduates entering into both engineering and scientific employment, in New Zealand and overseas.

Through this program, we have partnered up with leading industry companies and research organisations (Fonterra, EnviroNZ, Bioresource Processing Alliance, Scion, Callaghan Innovation, AgResearch, Plant & Food Research, and New Zealand Product Accelerator).



For more information please contact the Programme Director, A/P Saeid Baroutian (



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