It was a real pleasure to host the Chemmat class of ’85 on 16 October when we gave them a lab tour of our new facilities. We were truly impressed by how this group has been able to stay in touch and motivated to meet up after all these years. Such an alumni spirit that exists with our Chemmat grads, at the graduating class-level and department-level, hardly exists anywhere else.

These alumni had the opportunity to gain some insight into some of the research that is going on in the department, and the wonderful equipment and technology that we have. We invited them to explore future collaborations, use the equipment, or even just catch up for an academic discussion.

We invite any alumni group from the different cohorts to do get in touch with us to organise similar tours. Our new ‘digs’ are fantastic!


Btw – the folks in the pictures – please feel free to add names below – we did not know if you wanted to remain relatively anonymnous : )

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