Class of ’89!


On 5th September, the department hosted a gathering and tour for some keen alumni of the 1989 cohort.  The afternoon started with tea and nibbles where alumni, staff and students had a chance to catch-up, be introduced and re-introduced, and chat.

Following that, the entire group settled into a seminar room, where each of the 16 alumni attendees, took turns to talk about their career paths and what they were doing now. For the 10 student leaders who attended, the feedback was that the narratives they heard were extremely informative and the depth of the discussion provided a much-needed insight into what it was like in the ‘real world’.

A tour of the Newmarket Campus followed, where the group enjoyed interaction with the guides around the fluids laboratory and light metals research areas.

Discussion between alumni members and current students. These student leaders found the personal stories of the previous graduates a great way to learn about the diverse career paths for chemical engineers.

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