By Thomas Chong, CHEMMAT student

On the 10/5/2019, the groovy crew of CMESA visited the Urbanauts Brewery for a day of “educational” sampling and exposure to what a chemical and materials engineering degree can offer. After the overwhelmingly positive response from the same tour conducted last year, the CMESA committee brought back the Urbanauts Brewery tour in full force. Within a week we had filled up all the slots allocated to us. The tour was aimed at providing first-hand exposure to a how a sizable brewery would operate, and the processes and equipment involved in brewing quality craft beer as well as displaying the range of industries a CHEMMAT degree can lead you to.

The atmosphere at the Urbanauts Brewery was perfect. A plant big enough to see how everything worked at different stages of the batch process while still managing to integrate an atmosphere of a laid back and chilled out speak-easy all within the same space. This provided an optimal atmosphere for members to look at the entire process as a big picture without sacrificing the opportunity to socialise and interact with members of varying years.

Arriving outside the establishment, CMESA members were greeted by the embodiments of stoke and energy, our tour guides, Simon and Mookie who graciously talked us through their entire brewing process from grain to tap. How different grains and strains affected the product, the different flavours that came with different hops and how the fermenting procedures varied with different products. It was an informative experience.

Drinks were flowing, and good vibes were aplenty. A good turnout and happy members (even a few first years who turned up out of interest). CMESA deemed the tour a resounding success as it embodied what we aimed to achieve. Creating a closer and supportive committee of CHEMMAT students while not sacrificing the educational and professional value a CHEMMAT degree provides.

Cheers (glass clink)




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