In May this year, Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) published a commissioned review of the scientific literature on high pressure processing (HPP) to address validation expectations for HPP as a control measure for the inactivation of food borne bacterial pathogens, and in particular the application of HPP to raw milk as an alternative to pasteurization. HPP is a highly effective non-thermal pasteurization of liquid and solid food by the application of high pressure of the order 3000-6000 bar. Chemmat’s Professor Mohammed Farid acquired 0.3 L machine for HPP of food in 2003 at the same time that Fonterra bought their larger unit.

Later in 2005, Mohammed succeeded in acquiring the second unit having a capacity of 2 L, allowing his group to treat real food products. This 2 L unit has been used by a large number of PhD, ME and undergraduate students from both the Engineering and Science faculties who have tested a number of food products and published high quality papers in international journals. He has been in communication with the MPI for the last couple of years and finally MPI have published a review with their guidelines on HPP of food products which will boost our research as well as potential for commercialization. The report duly acknowledges the University of Auckland’s work and capabilities on HPP led by Prof Farid. To read the MPI review click here


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