Photo: Assoc Prof Peng Cao

Chemmat’s Teaching and Learning Committee, chaired by A/P Peng Cao,  is working to achieve Chemmat’s strategic goals relating to teaching and learning.

  • In order to reduce the number of red-flagged courses, the Committee is working closely with Chemmat’s Staff/Student Consultative Committee (SSCC) to ensure all issues in relation to teaching are addressed timely.
  • The Committee has proposed to introduce a new 180-point Master of Engineering Studies in Food Engineering in 2020. The proposal has gone through to the Academic Programme Committee for approval.
  • The Committee is working to organise departmental teaching workshops.  The first workshop will be focused on developing good learning outcomes for each course.
  • As part of teaching transformation, we are implementing two champion courses to make better use of the MDLS space. These two pilot courses will provide more feedback to other courses at a later stage.
  • We have implemented a robust mechanism to minimise (ideally completely eliminate) errors in the exam papers. In doing so, we set up a number of quality control steps before the exam papers are submitted.

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