Jenny Purdie, CHEMMAT ca. 1986, PhD ca. 1993

BHP appoints new asset president for Olympic Dam mega-mine

4 February 2021

BHP said Dr Purdie:

“has more than 30 years of global management and leadership experience spanning operational, business improvement and corporate roles in the mining, energy, heavy manufacturing and infrastructure sectors.”

“Jennifer will bring a strong mix of operational, technical and commercial capability to Olympic Dam, combined with a proven track record of delivering on strategy, cost reduction, productivity improvement, project execution and stakeholder relationships,’’ BHP president, minerals Australia, Edgar Basto said.

“Her unique skill-set will complement the strong operating team we have in place at Olympic Dam, which has delivered increasingly solid operational performance through our focus on reliability. I congratulate Jennifer on her appointment and look forward to working with her to continue to deliver safe and reliable operations at Olympic Dam.

“Olympic Dam is a world-class resource producing essential copper that the world needs, and a major contributor to the South Australian economy through jobs, significant investment, local suppliers and export revenue.”

Information on Olympic Dam mine:




Alison Andrew, CHEMMAT ca. 1984

Sustainable Finance: Electrifying the Economy

3 November 2020

“Economically, it already makes sense. The price of wind generation is one quarter of what it was 10 years ago, down from $140/MWh in 2010 to $35/MWh now. The price of solar generation has dropped by more than 90 per cent in the last 10 years from $400/MWh to $30/MWh today in many parts of the world. Depending on your retailer, charging an electric vehicle off peak is already the equivalent of paying 40c per litre for your fuel.

As a nation, we have the opportunity to build sustainability into the very fabric of our economy as we adjust to life post-Covid. We cannot afford to bake yet more carbon into our economy through the decisions we make today but should instead see this as a turning point in our commitment to a net-zero carbon future.”

Electrification achievable and saves money




Alice Havill, CHEMMAT ca. 2006

The Habit of Movement With Alice Havill

7 February 2021

Alice joined Colorado Impact Fund in the US as Vice President in 2020 after spending over a decade in the cleantech sector. Her career has seen her travel the world supporting sustainability initiatives and technology deployments. Prior to Colorado Impact Fund, Alice was the Chief Operating Officer of Vartega Inc, where she led the company’s strategic planning and operations management in support of their novel composite recycling platform. Alice also worked at Lanza Tech Inc., where she managed technology validation projects for the production of low-carbon chemicals.

Alice is native to New Zealand and gained her bachelor of Chemical and Materials Engineering from the University of Auckland. She also has an MBA from the University of Denver and proudly resides in Colorado with Adam, her partner in life and adventure. Alice is passionate about supporting community development initiatives and currently serves on the boards of Discover Breathe (a self discovery and community festival) and Innersense Healing Arts Collective (a community centre for self-reflective practices within disempowered populations.




Thomas Hyde, CHEMMAT ca. 1988, PhD Uni of Canterbury

NZ needs a ‘digital twin’ to help plan its infrastructure

26 November 2020

Thomas Hyde, the Chief Digital Officer at Beca, laid out the proposal at the big Re-Building Nations infrastructure conference in west Auckland this month.

He warned that no government agency had stepped up and taken the lead in building a digital twin of the whole country – one that would allow planners and engineers to anticipate the effects of new roads, waterways, buildings and other infrastructure.

“The government Covid infrastructure stimulus provides the biggest opportunity since the great depression of last century to significantly improve the built environment.

If we have this precious environment to live in, how do we unlock the power of the potentially unlimited digital resource that is available to us to create the most livable and sustainable human experience with our built infrastructure?”

Hyde pointed out that his teenage daughter and her friends could already create virtual worlds on Minecraft (“there’s the occasional angst when what they’ve built gets eaten by monsters”) so it was perfectly conceivable that New Zealand could do the same with its infrastructure.

NZDF taps Beca and EY for estate regeneration

NZDF Partners With Ey, Beca For NZ$2.1bn Regeneration Programme


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