The Academic Career Advancement Programme (ACAP) gives mid-phase doctoral candidates a head-start in their academic future.

The ACAP (formally DALI) presents a series of regular seminars over two semesters, with a focus on careers in academia, teaching, and research.

The cost of this one-year programme is funded by Academic Career Exploration Award (ACEA), which is awarded to 20 doctoral candidates each year across the University faculties.

This year, Chemmat’s PhD student Syeda Wishal Bokhari won the ACEA to enrol in DALI (Doctoral Academic Leadership Initiative).

We congratulate Syeda on successfully graduating from this programme.

From left: Assoc Prof Caroline Daley, Dean of Graduate Studies, Chemmat’s PhD Candidate Syeda Wishal Bokhari, Dr Julia Hallas, lead: Doctoral Academic Leadership Initiative (DALI)

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