We are currently seeking Expressions of Interest for new Members to join the Chemmat Industry Advisory Board.


The role of the Board is to guide and support the Department to develop engineers that are:

• Capable of dealing with complexity, diversity and change;

• Have a broad knowledge of science, culture and society as well as an in depth knowledge in the field of chemical and materials engineering;

• Have a sense of social responsibility as well as strong intellectual and practical skills in communication, analytical and problem-solving; and

• Above all, a demonstrated ability to apply knowledge and skills in real-world settings. In doing so, the Board is to give particular emphasis to the Department goal of attracting and retaining academically excellent staff who foster and disseminate innovative research which is relevant to the needs of the engineering profession.


The Board’s functions include the following activities:

• Building links between the Department and its stakeholders (the profession, industry, staff and students).

• Development and review of contemporary curricula the are responsive to the needs of chemical, process, materials, food or bio-engineering practice, as well as society overall.

• Provision of a professional perspective on current and foreseeable needs in research.


In carrying out its role the Board shall have the power to consider and make recommendations on all matters of relevance to the Department. The Chair may report on any recommendations to the Dean of Engineering School for appropriate action. The Committee meets between 2-4 times per year at Chemmat’s offices.


If you’re a CHEMMAT alumni working in industry, and interested in joining our Advisory Board, please email our Head of Department, Assoc Prof Ashvin Thambyah (ashvin.thambyah@auckland.ac.nz) for more information.

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