Photo: Water and Wastewater Treatment Symposium speakers and participants


On November 11 2019, our department successfully held our first Water Symposium, with the theme “Water and Wastewater Treatment: Advanced Processing and Membrane Technologies.”

The symposium was organized by Chemmat’s Drs Filicia Wicaksana, Saeid Baroutian and Prof Brent Young.

Important issues and current techniques relating to water and wastewater treatment applications such as resource recovery, membrane technology and sludge rheology were discussed and delivered by industry practitioners and scientists/researchers from New Zealand, Australia and Denmark, with two keynote speakers (Prof Anthony Fane from University of New South Wales, Australia and Prof Krist Gernaey from Technical University of Denmark).

The symposium attracted more than 50 participants from industry (70%) and academia (30%).



We would like to acknowledge our sponsors (Membrane Society of Australasia and Anton Paar), Engineering New Zealand, and IChemE for disseminating the event, as well as Chemmat’s PhD candidates for helping out (Mohamed Aslam, Michael Lim, Amin Iravani and Navid Taghavi).


Prof Anthony Fane, UNSW, Australia, “Membrane technology for water and wastewater treatment – trends and developments”

Prof Hokyong Shon, University of Technology Sydney, Australia, “Membrane Society of Australasia and Members’ Research Activities”

Dr Filicia Wicaksana, the University of Auckland, New Zealand, “Membrane Fouling: causes and control strategies”

Prof Krist Gernaey, Technical University of Denmark, “Resource recovery from waste streams”

Assoc Prof Nicky Eshtiaghi, RMIT, Australia, “Sludge Rheology and its impact on process unit operation”

Dr Paul Bickers, Watercare Services Limited, New Zealand, “Thermal hydrolysis project in Rosedale Wastewater treatment plant”

Dr Geoffrey Johnston-Hall, Evoqua Water Technologies Membrane Systems Pty Ltd, Australia, “MEMCOR Introduction-MF/UF Technology Design”.

Thomas Board, Apex Environmental, New Zealand, “Design and Start-up of Membrane Systems”

Dr Ludovic Dumee, Deakin University, Australia, “Microplastics remediation from wastewaters”

Dr Bipan Bansal and Brooke Clark, Fonterra, New Zealand, “Water Reuse at Fonterra: Developments & Challenges”

Dr Saeid Baroutian, the University of Auckland, New Zealand, “Hydrothermal Deconstruction of Organic Waste”

Prof Brent Young, the University of Auckland, New Zealand, “Phosphorus recovery: the linkage between water quality improvement and resource management”


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