In order to increase the coverage of department research, we are launching ‘Paper of the Month’.

Each month, we will collect journal articles that have been published by staff members, as highlighted by our Google Scholar Alerts, and an ad hoc committee of a few researchers will review the papers and choose one to highlight. The Google Scholar Alerts may not catch all of the papers we’re publishing, so if you’re publishing a paper that you would like us to consider, please feel free to email Kerryn to make sure it’s included.

Ashvin will then follow up with the authors of the paper to write a short news article, which will be published on our external department website with the potential for wider press release if the paper has general appeal.

This is not meant to add too much further work or pressure for anyone but is just a fun way for us to ensure we’re regularly showcasing the research taking place in our department to a wider audience.

As it’s a new idea there will be lots of scope for improving the process, so please let us know your thoughts.


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