Chemmat’s Assoc Prof Peng Cao

Engineering research at the University of Auckland attracted more than $2M in funding from 2018’s Marsden Fund, a significant increase over 2017. Congratulations Assoc Prof Peng Cao, Dr Shanghai Wei and Prof Mark Taylor for their research grant wins:

–          Assoc Prof Peng Cao, PI, “Locking up oxygen in titanium to achieve strength-ductility synergy”, $949,000, Marsden

–          Dr Shanghai Wei (PI) and Prof Mark Taylor (AI), “Advanced alloying Anode for Magnesium Rechargeable Battery System”, $300,000, Marsden Fast Start

–          Assoc Prof Peng Cao (AI), “Titanium foam thermal shielding – returning small payloads from space”, $999,714, MBIE Smart Ideas

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