The Chemmat Knit – Newsletter

June 2019


Dear Colleagues

The June 2019 issue has been an interesting one to put together. For me, it helped capture the natural diversity, of the many attributes, that the Chemmat family and spirit embodies. From world-class students excelling in top universities around the world, to fun-loving students enjoying beer and socialising, to the gentleness of breaking a fast as a community, we have – and enjoy – it all!

Of special note too is the Chemical and Materials Engineering Students Association (CMESA) who are featured in our department newsletter for the first time. CMESA is a self-organised group of students, who have very capably got together to create some pretty fantastic events – both fun and professional – and they are a testament to the creative energy of our student body. The department has ‘joined forces’ with CMESA to enrich the student experience and hope for a long and fruitful partnership.

Finally, the year is at the mid-point – too fast! – and we are in the midst of ending Semester I and soon to begin Semester II at the end of July. Wishing all our readers a safe and pleasant winter season, and talk to you again soon in Spring!

The department reaffirms its commitment to zero tolerance –  of bigotry, discrimination and prejudice.


Ashvin Thambyah

Associate Professor & Head of Department

Chemical & Materials Engineering


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